Thursday, June 7, 2012

Workplace lessons from the healthy gut

There's a lot of attention these days about keeping healthy & staying fit. Lots of remedies to keep the gut free from toxins and humming like a well oiled machine. After all, there is a lot going into it, so if some does not come out at the other end, problems start to crop up. OK, so where am I going with these gross gut cleansing therapies? Well, workplace can benefit much from these principles. Across industries, economies and work cultures, there is so much emphasis on doing more and more and more.

That's cool, however if something somewhere does not stop, drop off or move out, toxicity builds up leading to stress, lowered productivity, performance and the list of symptoms is endless. To do more, to do better, learn first to take out something.

If you add 5 new things to work, balance it out with stuff that can you can stop doing, move elsewhere etc. Concepts such as work life balance don't often work because it's one way - add more work without balancing out what goes out. Create a healthier, more productive, richer work life around you - keep the guts of work well balanced.

 So, what would you take way or out of your work tomorrow when you add something new?

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