Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Innovation pill

How many times have organizations looked outward to learn about and imbibe what it takes to be innovative. Or other flavours such as skills or competencies to promote innovation in an organization. Creativity and innovation do not have pills and potions. However they don't mandate rocket science either. It is a conscious state of mind that, when practiced, becomes a way of life. Best way is to experimenit with it and see for yourself if it works.

If you are in HR or a line manager, try this tomorrow - what is the one thing you would do that would have a positive impact on your employees? Do it. Then repeat the feat next day, with something different. Just this one experiment would show the impact you can have on different aspects of business. If Innovation is a way of life, imagine the positive impact each of us could have and, collectively it could be even more powerful. 

Give it a go.

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