Friday, June 1, 2012

I.T needs to wed HR

We are at the cusp of yet another technology game change, in an ever evolving world of technology. Young emerging 'stars' such as Cloud computing and cloud based architectures will yet again change the way information is stored, shared, accessed, processed and across devices, devices and living beings, living beings and the information universe and so on.

A decade and more ago in history, shifts in technology provided organizations the 'choice' to adopt and internalize the impact of such changes. To varying degrees organizations leveraged these shifts, some capitalizing and some simply adopting for the sake of doing so. However, the was a choice - and the cost of inaction was not death. In the present time, technology changes are tectonic, and the choice of not getting impacted is low.

From the fabric of workplace to privacy of personal space, every strand in the DNA of our existence is touched by technology. Adopting, imbibing, spawning and embedding technology to varying degrees within the myriad of ecosystems that we are part of, is inevitable. From a HR perspective, technology has and will ever more profoundly impact human interaction with anything and everything - at all times - be it work or at play. And yet in several organizations the CIO and CHRO are not dancing together, in harmony, in love, wedded. There will be several factors dictating the evolution of good organizations from to great, and great to remarkable and outstanding.

However, to the outstanding ones, perfect harmony between people and technology practices would be a given. The new generation of workforce will need it and demand it so IT strategies would have to be embedded into HR architectures of workplace. This is the moment of awakening for both enabling functions to engage, collaborate and design the future of workplace and workplace dynamics.

As always, there will be early adopters, emulators and laggards, the latter paying a price for being late or never making it.

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