Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Welcome HR Directors (and those who are not from HR are welcome too)

Hi - This club is for those tough minded, resilient, hard working, passionate leaders in HR who are relentlessly pursuing the goal of delivering true value from this function.

There is a mob out there that still believes HR is a waste of time and does not add value, CANNOT be a business partner, promotes the philosophy that HR should be invited to the table only when there is no choice etc. etc.

However there is also another mob out there - a mob of die hard HR leaders who are innovating with strategy, creating new and out of the box solutions, championing business transformation, introducing wild, wild, wild ideas - that work, that create better employee and customer experiences etc. etc.

The idea is to get these die hard HR Leaders to share & collaborate best practices and use the forum as a sounding board for more wild ideas - that work. And at the same time, keep it fun.

I've been somewhat impulsive in calling it Evil HR Directors Club - but this club is definitely not restricted to HR Directors only. The "evil" thing is a bit of a paradox. I have been honored with the (evil) title as HR Director myself but have also tasted the other side - when wild, wild, wild ideas change the perception of evil to good. (Due credit to my colleagues who with pun intended, pointed out similaries between me and Catbert and in a way, motivated me to name this blog what it is)

That's what this club is about - changing perceptions of evil to good to great to cool.

Feel free to ask questions, raise issues, share challenges or best practices in any sub discipline of HR. And if you have a wild, wild concept or idea for making HR really cool, please share.

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big terry said...

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